My Mother-in-law introduced me to THM and we’re loving it!! Together we are working on getting to our goal weight, eating better, and being healthier over all. So we decided to make freezer meals, with everything we have going on, it was easier to have the food prepped and ready to go! We take a recipe we want to make and double it or triple it, depending on how many times we want to make it that week. We added up our ingredients, minus what we have already, and shop for the rest. Prepping the food is what takes the most time, however it’s completely worth it! After prep, we freeze using gallon bags and mark what the meal is (Ex; Greek Burgers – S), when it comes time to cook, we thaw the whole gallon bag and the food is ready to throw in the pan/crockpot. Hopefully this helps some of you busy Moms, even the not so busy Moms! I mean, what’s easier than having a bag of food at your fingertips! 😊

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