Week 1: 

Okay ladies! My Mother-in-law and I decided to do freezer meals for our families, its helped us out so much!! Grab what sounds good for dinner and everything is ready to go, just cook and serve! I thought we would post these, in hopes that it helps you as much as it does us. 😊 

We do the complete prep work for our freezer meals. Ex; Greek Burgers – Cut up ingredients, mix with hamburger meat, add spices, form hamburger patties, and freeze. 

Meals for week 1:

  • Pizza casserole S
  • Greek burgers S
  • Bean soup E
  • Chicken tortilla soup E
  • Pasta E
  • Egg roll in a bowl S
  • Creamy cheesy chicken S
  • Cottage berry whip
  • Ice cream
  • Strawberry muffins 

Pizza casserole, Egg roll in a bowl, Creamy chicken, and Cottage berry whip are all in the book.







4 thoughts on “Week 1: 

  1. That is a real good idea. I did almost the same meals. I also made some breakfast meals and deserts. Very easy for me to do. Take it out and defrost and then put in the crock pot for 8 hours and it’s done. I do 1 month worth because I live off food stamps. Very cheap way also. Thank u for sharing your meals u have made. I will have to try some of those.n

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    1. That’s awesome! We do weekly because we have small freezers and a week fills it perfectly lol. The little time it takes to prepare is definitely worth a weeks worth of easy meals to throw in the crockpot, I love it! Thanks and I hope you enjoy!😄


  2. This is a great plan! I love freezer cooking, because I do not want to cook every single day. Could you share your Bean soup, Greek burger and Chicken Tortilla soup recipes, please. If you already have, maybe on Facebook, could you point me to them, please? Thanks!

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